Yes, some Nigerian guys do not slack in asking a lady out. So many of the Nigerian guys can even ask a Lady out just after few minutes conversations. But why will a Nigerian guy not ask you out? At this point you feel like an exhausted traffic light. You’ve given him the yellow light, green light, even the magical heart shaped pink light, yet he didn’t pick on any of your signs & reciprocate with interest or affection… So you find yourself thinking, “Why doesn’t he like me back?” “why is he not asking me out”? Look no further, here are the reasons.

1. You’re not his type:

Guys as we all know can be very choosy, so there’s every chance you’re not his type & he doesn’t find you sexually attractive. Probably he’s looking for a fair lady of the size 8 and you happen to be dark with a kung-fu panda’s figure. This is certainly no fault of yours. It’s just his choice. Someone out there loves you the way you’re, just not him.


2. Background differences:

You might be beautiful and he might still not want you probably because you belong to a different religion or there’s a huge gap in the socioeconomic standings of your families or even between you. He could also feel his friends and family might not approve of you

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3. You’re not compatible:

They say the best relationships are when “yin” meets “yang” not yin meets yin. Even at that your different personalities must still key like a jigsaw. It’s possible your routine doesn’t go too well with him, you’re probably the party and showbiz type and he’s the quiet type. He could be the carefree type and you could be the boring and serious type. He can’t just cope with some certain traits or principle of yours


4. He’s confused:

At times, it just happens to be that the guy is confused, probably has unsettled issues with his ex(s) or unrealistic standards or he just doesn’t know what he wants.


5. You’re like a sister to him:

Guys friend zone girls too but it happens rarely. Yet there’s a good chance he sees you as just a friend without any romantic attachment whatsoever. Unless you show up at his door at 12am in a bikini, I doubt if you’ll get out of the zone.

6. He’s not ready for a relationship

He probably just broke up with someone or he’s at a point where he needs to focus on things going on in his life. There’s a good chance that he needs time and there’s also a good chance that he just wants a fling

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7. He has or likes someone else

It probably didn’t cross your mind that there’s no vacancy in his heart. He’s probably involved or dating someone already or likes someone else that’s obviously not you

8. You’re bad news

Unknown to you, you could be a bunch of red flags like gold digging, drama queen, uninteresting, lousy, rude, bitchy and all that negative vibes he just doesn’t want to be associated with.


9. He’s scared to ask you out:

To him, your beauty might just be so overwhelming and make him intimidated and afraid to ask you out. He probably has no idea that you like him and fears rejection greatly.

10: You’re creepy:

You’re just too fast and creepy for him. Even without dating you’re already stalking him on social media, calling him 10 times a day, penetrating into his family without being invited and planning his whole future with him.  You’re too easy & you’ve invaded too much in his personal space.